CBD: What dose is right for you?


If you’re brand new to the world of CBD, things can get a little bit confusing.


While it’s absolutely amazing that we have so much information to hand when it comes to CBD, as a beginner things can be overwhelming.


All of the different mgs available, delivery methods and dosing may feel completely alien to you - and that’s okay! At Kaya, we’re here to help.


The first thing we would like to focus on is the importance of dosing. And we’d like to preface this article by outlining that dosing CBD is extremely personal, and totally depends on your own requirements and needs. A dose that works wonders for your friend with restless leg syndrome may not work as well for your insomnia. CBD dosing mainly comes down to self-exploration, discovery and trial and error.


One thing we do want to highlight is that you should not exceed the recommended daily dosage of 70mg of CBD per day. If you’re ever in doubt about exceeding your dose, or are taking multiple medications, we always recommend booking an appointment with your GP.


The journey to CBD wellness isn’t always straightforward, but we promise you it is well worth it. And at Kaya, we are here to help you as much as possible.


So if you’re feeling a little lost when it comes to your correct CBD dose, then read on!


What’s so important about dosing?


So, before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all, you may be curious as to why correct dosing of CBD is important.

Many people think that because CBD is non-intoxicating and 100% natural, dosing is not necessary. While it is reasonable to understand why people would think this, it is not necessarily true, and you should never exceed the recommended guidance.


In addition, incorrect dosing of CBD often leads to disappointing results. In fact, when many people claim that CBD has not worked for them, a lot of the time incorrect dosing is to blame, and not the product itself.


As a result, proper dosing of CBD is absolutely essential if you want to receive the best possible results. We would always recommend playing around with different levels of dosing if you are a beginner, and even keeping a ‘dose diary’ (much like a food diary) to track how you feel when taking certain doses of CBD.


Delivery method can be key…


Understanding the different delivery methods of CBD is also really important when it comes to nailing the correct dose for you.


‘Delivery methods? What on earth do you mean?’.


Well, by ‘delivery method’ we simply mean the type of CBD product you are taking.


For example, CBD oils and CBD gummies work through different systems to deliver CBD into your bloodstream. Let us explain a little further…

CBD oils, or tinctures, (which are the most popular forms of CBD on the market) are taken orally, often by squeezing the pipette into your mouth and holding the oil under your tongue before you swallow.

This delivery method is called sublingual delivery, and is one of the fastest ways for your body to absorb CBD. Because of this, many people feel like oil tinctures are the most effective forms of CBD.


CBD gummies are another extremely popular delivery method of CBD, as they are very easy to take (and taste like sweets, too!).

CBD gummies do not use the sublingual delivery method. Instead, they are digested and absorbed into your system in the same way as food. This means that the CBD must pass through your digestive system before being absorbed into your bloodstream and taking effect.

As a result, the physical mg of CBD being absorbed into your body with gummies will be less than that of CBD oils. That’s why gummies are often seen as a lighter form of CBD, and may be especially suitable for beginners.


So, now we have a little more understanding of the delivery methods, let’s get to dosing.


Getting your dose right…


If we take CBD oils as an example, you are completely in control of your own dosing. And this can definitely be a little bit overwhelming for beginners who aren’t completely sure on what dosage they are meant to be taking.

At Kaya, we really do believe in trial and error. And it is always best to start small and work your way up. As we mentioned earlier, starting a dosing diary can be a really brilliant way to keep on track of how you feel after dosing.


Here’s an example of what your dosing diary might look like!


*E.G.: You are using our Kaya Adaptogenic 5% CBD oil, and we recommend using half a pipette per day to start with, which is equal to 15mg of CBD.*


Monday: I feel the same as always! (15mg)


Tuesday: I think I feel the same, still. (15mg)


Wednesday: My sleep has been better, and I do feel more relaxed than usual. (15mg)


Thursday: Still feeling ok.


Friday: I feel good, but I think I will increase my dose to get the results I want. (30mg)


If you feel like you’re not getting the results you’re after, we recommend increasing your doses in small increments. If you feel as if half a pipette isn’t enough, try going for ¾ of a pipette, or up to a full pipette. It completely depends on how you feel.


However, we do recommend keeping a dosing diary, as sometimes CBD works best after establishing a solid routine. If you’re being erratic with different doses, you may not see the same results as people who keep to a solid dosing routine.

It’s also important to remember you can split up your doses in different ways. You can take smaller doses throughout the day or one larger one once a day. Whatever works best for you.


And not all products require the same attention as CBD oils. For example, CBD gummies- with our Good Vibes Gummies, we recommend 1-3 gummies per day, depending on your personal needs and required results. But we do not recommend taking any more than 3 gummies per day. Always read the labels and stick to guidance!


Patience is also very important to remember. While some people experience instant results when taking CBD, for most people it takes a few days of established routine to feel real results. So, make sure to stay consistent and be patient when it comes to tracking your new doses.

And however you wish to play around trying different products or doses, just remember to not exceed the daily dose of 70mg.


Taking CBD is a real journey, and we’re so happy to have you along for the ride. Check out our collections to learn more about our products!