Est-ce que le CBD a un impact sur l'appétit ?

At the moment, our weeks are really very busy and we do not know where to turn. We feel stressed and, as often when this happens, our relationship with food changes:

  • We eat on the go and very often it isn't balanced. We gain weight by finding solace in junk food.

  • Sometimes stress can have the opposite effect: it suppresses your appetite. When you can't swallow even a bite of food, you feel less energetic because the body lacks the right nutrients that help it to function.

To sort out this stress problem once and for all, you consider testing a cannabidiol (CBD) product. But you fear the effect of this molecule on your appetite:

  • Does CBD make you want to eat or to suppress the feeling of hunger?

  • Does CBD make you gain weight? Or on the contrary lose weight?

Does CBD Affect Appetite?

THC has a direct action on CB1 receptors. These are found mostly in the area of ​​the central nervous system which controls mood and ... appetite!

When we consume a product containing THC (just to remind you that it's illegal because it is a psychotropic active substance), our eating behaviour can therefore change: we have cravings and we feel the urge to eat a large amount of food, often fatty and sweet.

Is it the same for CBD?

Not really. Instead, CBD acts on CB2 receptors found in the immune system. The area of ​​the brain that controls appetite is therefore not affected when consuming a CBD product.

Cannabidiol: an indirect impact on hunger?

Stress changes our eating behaviours. CBD has relaxing effects, it can therefore, in some people, help to find a normal food balance:

  • If we eat more in times of stress, CBD, thanks to its calming action, can curb the urge to turn to the comfort of food: we no longer feel that need.

  • If stress cuts our appetite, we may regain the urge to eat after the pressure has subsided. And that's good, CBD allows you to regain your calm after a little or a big blow of stress.

In any case, if after consuming a product formulated with CBD (adaptogenic oil dosed at 5% for example), you feel cravings or on the contrary a loss of appetite, it is necessary to review the dosage to regain normal eating behaviour.

Our team is very helpful in advising you on your CBD dosage. If you have any doubts, feel free to get in touch with us!