picture of a forest during winter

How can CBD help you throughout the winter?


Here at Kaya, we really do love the idea of snuggling up with a hot chocolate on a cold winters evening. Surely, there’s nothing better than cosy socks and a good film on the sofa?

We also love the idea of going on long snowy walks, bundled up in coats and hats, and maybe even participating in a snowball fight, or two.

But while we really do love the colder seasons, we know the realities of winter can be seriously stressful for many people.

Winter isn’t always the best time of the year, and many people dread the darker months. If winter leaves you feeling stressed, just know that you’re not alone! And there are ways to alleviate the winter blues.


So, whether you struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or simply find it tricky mustering the motivation during the wintery months, Kaya is here to help you.

While CBD has been applauded for its ability to relieve persistent issues such as chronic pain and insomnia, it can also work wonders at reducing stress and helping people feel more balanced.

Increased levels of stress can also have adverse effects on the body, creating headaches, digestive issues and even decreased immunity. We know it’s difficult to manage your stress alone, so our CBD products are designed with you in mind.


Hemp, the plant from which CBD is derived, is a natural adaptogen. Adaptogenic plants such as hemp are biological regulators, which mean they can alleviate the physical symptoms of stress within the body. Adaptogens can work on a immediate and longer-term basis, so not only do they work almost instantly to improve stress, but they can help your body create levels of immunity to future stress.


Alongside hemp, there are a plethora of powerful adaptogenic plants, all with their own unique benefits that can help your body battle against stress. At Kaya, we really do believe in the power of these plant-powered adaptogens, which is why they feature so prominently alongside our CBD within our products.


Kaya’s Rise and Shine adaptogenic 3% CBD oil is formulated with a powerful blend of CBD alongside popular adaptogens, Rhodiola and Guarana.

Rhodiola has a myriad of balancing properties that encourage calm, energy, focus and mental enhancement. And Guarana, an adaptogen native to the Amazon, has been used in natural medicine for centuries- well-known for its revitalising and energising effects.

The CBD and adaptogens work together seamlessly within our Rise & Shine oil to alleviate stress, improve your brain function and give you energy throughout the day.

Basically, a few drops in the morning will give you the little boost you need to hop out of bed and power through the day, no matter the weather. Regular dosing will also help maintain these positive benefits, and help you find physical and mental balance.


If you’re feeling extra stressed and are in need of a little more support this winter, our Adaptogenic 5% CBD Oil may be the best fit for you.

This highly concentrated blend of CBD and adaptogens can help you through serious periods of stress and, the product works quickly to restore emotional balance and mental clarity- helping you get back to being the very best version of you.

The Adaptogenic 5% CBD Oil includes ashwagandha, or Indian ginseng, an impressive adaptogen that works to restore balance and enhance focus.

The oil also includes maca root- native to Peru, maca root is a rare plant that is cultivated at extreme altitudes and is known to encourage emotional calm, balance your mood and even enhance fertility and your sex drive!

The 30ml Adaptogenic 5% CBD Oil contains 1500mg of high quality and rigorously tested CBD, meaning it is incredibly fast-acting and effective.


In addition, the sublingual delivery method (placing oil under your tongue) of the Rise and Shine adaptogenic 3% CBD oil and 30ml Adaptogenic 5% CBD Oil means they are absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. This gives you the fastest and most powerful effects of your CBD.


Fancy something a little different to help you beat the winter blues?

The Good Vibes Gummies are one of Kaya’s most popular products, and they are a brilliant all-rounder to help you beat stress and find your balance.

Each gummy has 10mg of CBD and includes a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as extracts from the Griffonia plant, an adaptogen that naturally contains 5-HTP, a compound our bodies need to make serotonin- the happiness hormone!

Pair all of these seriously powerful benefits with a delicious taste of orange and strawberry, and the Good Vibes Gummies make for the perfect way to introduce CBD into your wellness routine.


In all, introducing CBD, to your self-care routine this winter is an easy and 100% natural way to beat the winter blues.


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