The world is opening up again: how to combat the stress and stay ahead with CBD + Adaptogens.

Within just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic managed to topple modern life from its axis. Almost everything changed, seemingly overnight- and the effects of these changes have been innumerable.

We were thrown into navigating the uncharted waters of pandemic life. All the while we were missing our friends and family, working from home and staying isolated.

And, just when enough time had passed to become acclimatised to these extreme lifestyle changes, everything began to open back up and we were dropped back into a world of ‘new normals’.


While this progression is to be welcomed after such a devastating time, it is normal to be feeling lost, confused and anxious.


Because for many people, there were some hidden blessings during the pandemic. Many welcomed the era of remote working, and the redefinition of work-life balance it provided. There were no hour-long commutes, no busy trains and no bustling offices…

People were able to spend more time with partners and parents were able to spend more time with their children. We all got a little more time to focus on ourselves rather than our elaborate routines.

So, if you’re feeling guilty about being conflicted about the world opening back up again- don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone.

Transitioning back into pre-pandemic life is a little daunting. The notion of work and social commitments as well as the general expectation to ‘snap back’ into everyday life after a period of significant trauma is overwhelming.


Most importantly, it’s OK to want some help. And at Kaya, we think the most important part of transitioning back into ‘normal life’ (whatever that means, anyway!) is being kind to yourself. We really do encourage you to create a solid self-care routine and stick to it.

We promise, dedicating a little time to yourself each day can do wonders for your outlook, and make you feel mentally and physically prepared to face the day.


And for us, CBD forms a massive part of our wellness routine. Our range of CBD and adaptogenic products have been specially designed to combat stress and help you feel a little more balanced throughout everyday life.

So, do read on for further information about how CBD and adaptogens can help fight off stress, and keep it at bay.

CBD and Stress: What we Know


Stress can wreak all sorts of havoc on your mind, body and health. Excessive levels of stress can cause anxiety, gastrointestinal issues and even result in a weakened immune system.

So yeah, it’s probably not a coincidence that you got a really bad cold during your offices’ restructure last year…

CBD has long been praised for its stress-relieving abilities, and you’ll be happy to know there is proof in the pudding! The science lies within the notion of adaptogens.

‘…what’s an adaptogen?’ you may be thinking…

Well, adaptogens are plants that help the body fight against all types of stress- whether that’s physical, mental or even chemical. These plants have been used in ancient medicine for hundreds of years, and their positive effects have long been applauded.

And hemp, the plant that CBD is obtained from, is an adaptogen- this means that CBD has bio-regulatory properties. In simple terms, CBD helps alleviate stress on a biological level. Yes, really.

And to top it off, consistent use of adaptogens can create a sort of ‘immune response’ to stress. This means that your body can ‘learn’ how to fight off the physical symptoms of stress, helping you remain calmer and more balanced during particularly trying times.


And at Kaya, we really do believe in the power of adaptogens- and this is reflected in our products. Not only do we use CBD, but we use a whole range of other, powerful adaptogenic plants in our remedies.


For example, our Adaptogenic 5% CBD Oil offers a highly concentrated fusion of adaptogens to aid you through periods of stress. The blend includes maca root and Indian ginseng, two impressive adaptogens that work to enhance mental clarity and mood.


Likewise, our Rise and Shine adaptogenic 3% CBD Oil is formulated with Guarana and Rhodiola- both of which encourage focus and provide energy.


Even our Good Vibes Gummies include an extra boost of adaptogens. We added extracts from the Griffonia plant into our gummies- these extracts contain the compound 5-HTP, which our bodies need to make the ‘happiness hormone’ called serotonin.

So yeah, they really are Good Vibes Gummies!

CBD: The importance of routine


Our products are truly brilliant at alleviating stress, but they work their magic best when taken consistently.

Taking CBD is super personal and really differs from person to person (go check out our blog post on dosing to learn more!), but we really recommend getting into a habit of regular dosing to truly fight the effects of stress.


It doesn’t matter if you take a few drops of CBD oil in the morning (Top Tip: you can even put our CBD oil in your coffee!), or a couple of gummies in the afternoon. Do whatever works for you, and you’ll be sure to reap the benefits- just remember not to exceed the daily recommended dose of 70mg of CBD per day.


So, however you’re feeling about the world opening back up, just know that your feelings are totally valid. Stress is an unfortunately normal aspect of life, and while it can feel debilitating, there are plenty of ways you can negate your symptoms and get back to feeling balanced.


We’re here with you!