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Our ranges

We’re serious about one thing: the quality of our products.
Effective and natural they will help you unwind with adaptogenic plants.

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Make the world a little less stressful

Ever felt like you're holding your breath throughout the entire day?
That's why we made Kaya!

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Alison, doctor in pharmacy and co-founder

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With a background in pharmacy, I discovered adaptogenic plants during my PHD. Being a very rigourous person, I am a big believer of scientific evidence and high quality ingredients. What's most important to me is creating efficient products with the goal of helping people like you and I attain our highest potential.

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Your reviews are important!

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Lynn G.

Verified buyer

Good Vibes Gummies

"These gummies had a calming effect on my adult daughter who has autism, easing her anxiety and helping her to feel generally happier. "

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Paola Zanetti

Verified buyer

De-Stress Set

"I have recently purchased the De-stress set and I have to say it works wonders! The delivery was quick and service excellent. I'll definitely keep buying from Kaya!"

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Lorraine Jackson

Verified buyer

Sweet Dreams Adaptogenic Supplement

"These are brilliant. I've not slept this well in years. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis, these not only allow me to sleep they also help with the pain. Better than prescription painkillers. Will be ordering again."

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Amandine Hubau

Verified buyer

Rise & Shine Adaptogenic Supplement

"So happy with the Rise and Shine supplements. My anxiety has been so much easier to manage since I’ve started taking them. My mind is clearer, my mood is better, life seems lighter. And the delivery was super quick, always a good thing. Highly recommend!"

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Feel lighter

Natural and non-addictive ways to unwind always at hand.

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Products with CBD and adaptogenic plants?

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What is CBD?

CBD is the nickname for cannabidiol, one of the many organic compounds found in hemp. But this molecule also has the power to interact with receptors in the human body and can thus influence your mood, stress levels or sleep very effectively. What makes CBD so special compared to THC (illegal in the UK) is that it is perfectly tolerated by the body, is non-toxic, non-addictive and above all non-psychoactive which means it doesn't get you high! You can therefore consume Kaya products with total trust and take care of yourself naturally.

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Are CBD products legal?

Yes, of course! Our products don't contain the slightest trace of THC, a substance prohibited for sale in the UK or Europe. We only use adaptogenic plants, with recognised and approved effects, or in the process of being approved by the Food Safety Authority (FSA). We can therefore offer you effective and safe formulas to accompany you throughout the day.

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Why choose Kaya CBD products?

Our goal: to bring a smile back on your face. We've chosen to combine adaptogenic plants with recognised effects and perfectly dosed CBD in our products, to help you take care of your emotional well-being, damaged by a hectic daily lifestyle. Smile and watch your stress melt away!

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Which Kaya product is made for me?

To help you choose, we offer different ranges of CBD products adapted to your different needs.

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The Kaya sets

To allow you to benefit from great prices, Kaya has created sets that meet anyone's needs:


  • "Best Sellers": all of our best sellers in a box of 5 products. Great if you want to test our different ranges!
  • "De-Stress": 3 products created to help you unwind
  • "Replenishing Remedy": 30 days, two sets of supplements, for in-depth action
  • "Serenity": our gold set which contains all of the Kaya products with savings of 20%!
Rise & Shine Collection

The Energy and Motivation range

A range of products designed to help give you a boost whenever you need it:


  • Fortifying adaptogenic "Rise & Shine" supplements which help start your day off right
  • An adaptogenic 3% CBD "Rise & Shine" oil to have your back from morning to evening
  • A “Rise & Shine” discovery set containing these two products and our relaxing anti stress chewing gums for even more support
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The Sleep range

Developed to help you find calm and restful nights, this range consists of:


  • "Sweet Dreams" adaptogenic supplements for an in-depth action
  • A "Sweet Dreams" 10% CBD oil designed to help you fall asleep quicker
  • A "Sweet Dreams" discovery set containing these two products
Kaya products from the anxiety and mood swings collection

The Anxiety and Mood Swings range

Stay zen and find your calm thanks to our CBD products which are here to support you. Check out:


  • Our Good Vibes Gummies: gummies to help you relax and put a smile back on your face
  • A 5% adaptogenic CBD oil that acts immediately in case of episodes of intense stress
  • Relaxing chewing gums that will make you chill out when you lose your cool
  • A “De-stress” discovery set containing these three products
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Keep Cool