Stress prevents us from being who we really are

Stress occurs when we feel overwhelmed, triggering a chain of events in our body that can cause a number of uncomfortable side effects (irritability, tiredness, loss of focus, sleep problems, stomach ache and lower immunity, to name a few).

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Adaptogenics plants help us adapt to stress.

Originating from traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines, these herbs, roots and mushrooms are natural biological regulators. They help us relax, protect us from the harmful effects of stress, and enhance our mental and physical capacity.

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Natural powers, backed by science

Numerous pharmacological studies have shown that each adaptogenic plant is unique and has its own way of helping our organism adapt to stress, but that they all have a dual effect : they not only regulate immediate stress, but also have a protective effect making our body more resilient to future stress.

Our Adaptogenic Plants