We live exciting but sometimes stressful lives

We all live busy lives. Running around all day, trying to do too many things at once, and little by little the pressure builds up and threatens our wellbeing.

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Adaptogenic plants and CBD changed our lives

Alison is a Doctor of pharmacy. When she first told us about plants we decided to give it a go. As soon as we noticed the positive effects, launching Kaya was a no-brainer. Our goal at Kaya is to help us all restore balance and harmony with good, natural and effective products powered by plants.

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“We combined ancient healing techniques with modern technology to create our unique stress-relief products”

Alison, Doctor of Pharmacy and co-founder

Plants have been used for a very long time in traditional medicine for their incredible properties. Every year more and more scientific studies help us understand how plants and their active compounds interact with our organism and help us reach our full potential. There is still a long and exciting way to go to fully understand these plants, which still have a lot to teach us.

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Kaya, a restful place

In many languages, Kaya means “restful place”. It refers to a peaceful place in the shade, tranquil and safe. Exactly how we envision our company to be.

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We find doves uplifting

Some consider doves to be the symbol of peace, others the symbol of love. To us they’re all about harmony, purity and lightness. #Feellighter

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Smile:) It’s the best antidote to stress

It’s our motto, and this is actually true: a scientific study carried out by the University of Kansas showed that smiling lowered the stress levels in our body.