Our CBD chewing gum to calm down when you're feeling stressed

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When you have to deal with small bursts of stress throughout the day, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by the events. Did you know that CBD chewing gum is a good idea to relieve the pressure quickly?
Relaxing CBD chewing gum
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Relaxing CBD chewing gum

CBD chewing gum to take the edge off stressful situations

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Dispenser x 300 relaxing CBD chewing gum

Dispenser x 300 relaxing CBD chewing gum

Your new best friend to take the edge off stressful situations

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What are the benefits of CBD chewing gum?

Some days nothing goes to plan. We sleep through our alarm and we therefore find ourselves having to rush so as not to be late for work where we know we'll have to juggle the not so always pleasant thoughts of our manager and meetings that seem endless. Coming home to overexcited children to put to bed and tensions with your partner due to accumulated fatigue.

Even if we wanted to avoid these little peaks of daily stress, it's often difficult to. So in order not to explode, hit the pause button and take the time to chew on one of our relaxing chewing gums.

Their anti stress action is ideal for regaining your calm whenever you feel the pressure increase: - Chewing helps to eliminate the tensions that we accumulate in the jaw; - The CBD in chewing gum promotes relaxation.

What's great about this product? Our calming chewing gum is both discreet and easy to carry with you anywhere.

How to choose the right relaxing chewing gum?

Each piece of our relaxing chewing gums contains 5mg of CBD: the ideal dosage in case of small peaks of stress. But this is not the only advantage of our product:

  • It's a sugar-free chewing gum which is therefore perfect for keeping your sugar levels from exploding;
  • It is 100% natural, because it is formulated from the Sapodilla, a tree native to South America;
  • In addition to not containing plastic, it is biodegradable for the respect of the planet;
  • Last but not least, its natural minty aroma will appeal to those who need to refresh their ideas at the slightest annoyance.

How to properly use your CBD chewing gum?

The dosage of our chewing gum to help you keep calm is low (5mg of CBD), which allows you to chew several per day without any risk to your health. So it's quite possible to chew on one in the morning, then two more in the afternoon if you need to relax.

As a reminder, it is recommended not to exceed more than 70mg of cannabidiol per day, all products combined.

And in the event of greater stress? Better go for a CBD oil. Its rapid and effective action will be of better help when you can no longer relieve the pressure with a relaxing CBD chewing gum.