Our CBD capsules for a lasting anti-stress effect

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CBD oils, candies, and chewing gums are great to help you calm down when you're going through a lot of stress. When the pressure is daily, you have to find a lasting solution to regain your well-being.

Capsules with CBD and adaptogenic plants are a good idea for an in depth action on the harmful effects of chronic stress.

Rise & Shine Adaptogenic CBD Supplement
Rise and Shine Kaya 30 days Antistress CBD Kapseln

Rise & Shine Adaptogenic CBD Supplement

CBD capsules to fight early morning stress

8 reviews
Sweet Dreams Adaptogenic CBD Supplement
Cure Adaptogene Sweet Dreams Capsules 30 jours no stress verre d'eau

Sweet Dreams Adaptogenic CBD Supplement

CBD capsules for a better sleep

9 reviews

Why take CBD capsules?

Sometimes you feel stress for a few days when you're going through a particularly busy time at work or heavy emotions in your personal life. It's not always very pleasant but you can easily find serenity thanks to breathing exercises, meditation as well as CBD in the form of sweets, chewing gums or even oils.

But when stress sets in over a longer period of time, the effects on the body don't come without consequences. We take longer to fall asleep at night, we have insomnia, we lack motivation at work and our libido plummets.

To get out of this, taking CBD capsules is a very good idea. The cannabidiol and the adaptogenic plants will have an in depth action throughout the duration of the treatment (30 days or more if necessary). Sometimes you need a little patience to get the stress out of your life.

What are the benefits of CBD capsules?

We offer several CBD capsules at Kaya. It all depends on the desired effect you're looking for:

  • The fortifying "Rise & Shine" capsules, containing CBD, ashwagandha, rhodiola, eleutherococcus, amla, guarana and saffron are perfect if you are in low spirits and are looking to regain energy and/or motivation;
  • The "Sweet Dreams" sleep capsules, containing CBD, melissa, hawthorn, escholtzia, rhodiola and saffron, are very effective for restoring serene and restful nights;

How long does it take for CBD capsules to work?

The effect of our CBD capsules are felt after a week. The more the days go by, the more serenity you will gain. If after a few weeks the symptoms of stress persist, you can combine the CBD capsules with a few drops of sublingual CBD oils.

For the duration of the treatment, it all depends on your needs as well as your stress levels: 1 month, 6 months or even 1 year, it's up to you to find the duration that suits you best.

When you decide to stop taking our CBD capsules, be aware that the effects of stress may reappear after a week. Hence the importance of combining the cure with lifestyle changes: - Playing sports regularly; - Eating healthy ; - Moving away from sources of stress (if possible); - Finding activities that are good for your morale: spending time with loved ones, going for walks, meditating, etc.