Our CBD oils to find inner peace

Picto Pipette
Our range of CBD oils will help you deal with any type of stress at any time of the day. Anxiety, loss of energy or motivation, sleep disturbances: CBD and adaptogenic plants work in synergy to provide you with a quick and effective solution.
Rise & Shine adaptogenic 3% CBD Oil
Packshot Oil Rise & Shine 10ML Alone

Rise & Shine adaptogenic 3% CBD Oil

CBD oil to start your day off on the right foot

1 reviews
Sweet Dreams adaptogenic 10% CBD oil
Packshot Kaya Sweet Dreams CBD 10 % Öl

Sweet Dreams adaptogenic 10% CBD oil

CBD oil for a better sleep

Adaptogenic 5% CBD Oil
Huile CBD 5% Adaptogene No Stress Kaya

Adaptogenic 5% CBD Oil

CBD oil for big peaks of stress

6 reviews

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

The anti-stress benefits of CBD are scientifically proven. It's no coincidence that we offer this molecule in the form of an oil. Note that sublingual oils have excellent bioavailability. It takes 5 to 20 minutes to see the effects and can last for up to 3 hours.

Since we don't all react to stress in the same way, we've developed several formulas for our oils. What changes? The CBD concentration and the choice of adaptogenic plants in each:

  • CBD (3%), rhodiola and guarana to boost energy and get your motivation back on track;
  • CBD (5%), ashwagandha and maca root to help relax after a great deal of stress and to balance your emotions;
  • CBD (10%), melissa and lemon verbena to promote a high quality sleep.

Is CBD oil safe for your health?

The cannabidiol as well as the adaptogenic plants contained in our oils don't present any health risks. They are very effective against stress, but there is no risk of dependence. Adverse side effects are rare and can be explained by too high of a dosage, so just lowering the dose will make them disappear.

If you are taking medication, take advice from your doctor. Out of precaution, we do not recommend CBD oil for pregnant and breastfeeding women or children.

How do you use CBD oil?

CBD oil is very easy to use. Are you feeling under pressure? To regain your composure, just put half a pipette of oil under your tongue, leave it for 90 seconds, then swallow.

If the effect is too strong and you experience headaches, dry mouth or drowsiness, lower the dose: a few drops may be sufficient for you. If, on the other hand the effect seems too light, do know that it is possible to switch to a full pipette. We all have varying degrees of tolerance to cannabinoids, hence the importance of paying attention to your body's reactions and adjusting the dosage if necessary.

[Learn more about using CBD oil](https://kaya.co.uk/pages/CBD-guide to get the most out of its benefits.