How are our products made?

We take pride in making products made from high quality ingredients and partnering with manufacturers we fully trust.

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1 . Sustainable farming

To make good CBD products, you need good quality ingredients. And for that, you need to start off with good quality hemp. Our CBD is derived from pesticide-free and non-GMO hemp in the US.


When it comes to our adaptogenic plants, we favour the historical place of cultivation of the plant and small local crops. For example, our Ashwagandha comes from India, our Maca from Peru and our Lemon balm from France.

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2. Raw Hemp Extraction

After our hemp plants are harvested, we then go on to extracting the CBD which is then isolated from other molecules. We work with CO2 supercritical extraction to avoid chemical solvents seeping into our product and to preserve all the benefits of our CBD, thanks to its low temperatures. This is how we obtain a CBD isolate of the purest quality (99,9%).

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3. Working with trusted partners

We’ve selected leading manufacturers who are recognised in their industry for their professionalism and their high-quality processes: our supplements are made in France, our Good Vibes Gummies in Germany and our oils in the United Kingdom. We work with them according to ISO 9001 standards.

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4. Third-party lab testing

After manufacturing, our products are sent to an independent laboratory for testing. For each production batch, we make sure that there is no THC and that the CBD dosages correspond perfectly to what we indicate on our products. Our manufacturers also ensure the absence of pollutants (heavy metals, pesticides) in the raw materials we use.