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How exactly can CBD help you?

CBD is becoming more and more common to use. With so many amazing reviews around CBD, it’s hard not to become intrigued as to what type of things they can help with.


CBD is known to help lots of things. From lessening stress and anxiety to helping with conditions such as menstrual cramps and headaches.


But firstly, what exactly is CBD?

Well, cannabidiol, better-known as the wonderful CBD, is the lesser-known child of the cannabis sativa plant. It does not get you ‘high’, because THC is not an active ingredient. THC is what gets you high. THC can also actually have the opposite effect of CBD, in that it can actually increase anxiety, while CBD is known to reduce it. THC can also lead to addiction and cravings, while CBD is not an addictive product.


So now the scientific stuff is out of the way - let’s get down to the details as to how CBD can help you.

CBD is often advertised as providing relief for anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is also known to promote better sleep. Its soothing effects can also help with conditions such as menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, endometriosis and even gastro problems.

Yes - CBD has actual, proven pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, due to CBD being so quickly absorbed by the body and targeting pain - it can ease the pain of menstruation almost instantly.


CBD comes in many forms. Most commonly, you’ll see it in the form of CBD oil. It can be used on its own or in teas or even food - making it a handy way to incorporate into your day.

But it also comes in other forms! For instance, Kaya offers CBD in the form of cute little gummy bears (looking much like those of your beloved sweet shop), chewing gum, supplements and of course, oils.

CBD chewing gum can be perfect for when you’re on the go, while the supplements can be added into your regular routine of supplement-taking - with the bonus of knowing you’re going to feel more relaxed.


CBD has an effect on you that other medications often do not - in that it’s a more natural way to combat those nasty night terrors and broken sleep, while targeting areas of pain.


How so?

Well, preliminary research suggests CBD can help with a number of sleep disorders, such as insomnia, REM sleep behaviour disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness disorder. Research also suggests that CBD can also help people to improve their quality of sleep, while reducing anxiety - and the effects anxiety can have on your sleep.

And no, CBD is not harmful! It’s actually very safe. While it can come with side effects, such as sleepiness and decreased appetite, it is safe to consume as long as you follow the directions on the packet, and make sure that it doesn’t actually contain any unwanted surprises such as THC.


The unfortunate thing is that CBD is not available on the NHS unless it is personally medically prescribed. However, you will find it in varying strengths in a number of health stores and online.


While CBD is legal, there are some issues that can come with the legalities of it - which is why you need to be super careful about what and where you buy (which is why Kaya is the perfect place to shop!). This is because cannabis derived products containing more than 1mg of THC are considered illegal.

However, cannabinoid oils advertised as containing CBD but less than 1mg of THC are available in the UK both online and on the high street. These products are completely legal, and are actually sold for the purpose of being a health food supplement. The more you know, right?


CBD has even recently branched out into skincare - the antioxidants in CBD can help to lessen the visible signs of ageing, by reducing the look of inflammation. Cannabidiol skincare can even help to visibly diminish issues such as skin dullness, puffy skin and wrinkles.


Basically, despite the concerns around it from those without proper knowledge as to how helpful CBD can be, CBD is a wonderful thing for so many reasons. It’s safe, it’s legal, and it can help in so many ways - from pain to sleep to anxiety to skincare! What’s not to love about CBD?