CBD and Sleep: Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, the world of CBD has continued to expand at an exponential rate. Millions of people across the globe have introduced CBD into their everyday wellness routines and are reaping the many benefits of doing so.

From alleviating chronic pain to aiding anxiety, taking regular doses of CBD has been shown to have an abundance of positive impacts on health.


While CBD is often confused with cannabis, which is often used recreationally in the UK- the two are actually very different. CBD is free from THC, which is the compound that induces the ‘high’ concurrent with cannabis use. Basically, CBD is a 100% natural and 100% legal health supplement!

One of the widely reported benefits of taking CBD comes down to purported improvement in sleep quality. Many people who regularly take CBD find that their overall sleep quality has been enhanced, and CBD is often suggested as a 100% natural remedy to aid insomnia.


Now, we all know that sleep is important. Like, really important. Sleep is as essential to human health as food and water, yet so many people suffer with inadequate or broken sleep. Over time, this lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health.

Sleep truly helps our bodies and brains function properly. Without sufficient sleep, people can experience adverse side effects such as low mood, low concentration and over long periods of time, a weakened immune system.

Basically, a good night’s sleep keeps us healthy, and gives our bodies and minds the chance to completely refresh. You know the saying that everything seems better after a good nights sleep? Well, it’s totally true!


However, getting a full nights sleep isn’t always so easy. We’ve all been there- tossing and turning, desperately trying to fall asleep but you just feel so awake? Even though you’re tired! Nothing seems to help, and you end up feeling completely helpless and filled with anxiety.

It’s a horrible feeling, and even if you finally manage to fall asleep, the nightmare continues with further tossing and turning and random awakenings. The next morning you feel exhausted, as if you didn’t even sleep a wink. In turn, this affects the rest of your day and can cause further anxiety, which then means you experience the same awful situation night after night. It’s a horrible cycle to get into, and can be very difficult to break out of.


You aren’t alone though. Millions of people suffer with sleep disturbance- which can range from casual restlessness to full-blown, chronic insomnia. And, however you personally experience sleep disturbance, we completely understand how miserable it can be.

But… we are here to help you!


At Kaya, we understand the need for simple solutions. We created our Sweet Dreams range, specifically for people who struggled with sleep quality and suffered with insomnia.

We know that a lack of sleep can cause significant stress and anxiety in your life, and we want to help people break the vicious cycle of bad sleep!


Our Sweet Dreams adaptogenic 10% oil was carefully curated to ease your stress and increase your sleep quality. Not only does the Sweet Dreams oil help you fall asleep faster, it helps you actually stay asleep! So if you struggle with middle-of-the-night restlessness, this may be the perfect product for you.


Alongside Kaya’s high-quality and vigorously tested CBD, the Sweet Dreams oil includes Lemon Balm, a powerful adaptogen which is applauded for its calming effects and positive impacts on sleep quality. The oil also features Lemon Verbena, which has been shown to contribute to healthy and consistent sleeping patterns.


The 10ml Sweet Dreams oil includes 1000mg of CBD, 1000mg of lemon balm and 1000mg of lemon verbena. Simply pop a few drops underneath your tongue before bedtime, and rest easy knowing the night ahead will not be plagued with restlessness and anxious thoughts.


As part of the Sweet Dreams range, we have also created our Sweet Dreams Adaptogenic Supplements. Each dose (2 capsules) is infused with 20mg of CBD alongside a blend of five powerful plant adaptogens. Lemon balm, eschscholzia, hawthorn, rhodiola and saffron are some of the most effective plant adaptogens for sleep, and they work together within our Sweet Dreams Supplements to bring you the very best night sleep and banish any bedtime anxieties.


The supplements also include magnesium, to fight against fatigue and zinc, which is essential in the process of creating serotonin in the body. Simply take 2 capsules each evening, around an hour before bedtime. You’ll wake up feeling the pleasure of a gorgeously restful nights sleep, and face the day feeling calm and balanced.


Both the Sweet Dreams adaptogenic 10% oil and the Sweet Dreams Adaptogenic Supplements are available to purchase separately, or together as a bumper-pack giftbox called the Sweet Dreams set, to help you achieve a blissful nights sleep.


Check out our full range of products and learn more about us here: https://kaya.co.uk/